Zara Slams Suit Allegations, Former Miss Universe Slams Trump, and More

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1. A Zara USA spokeswoman has called allegations of price fraud “baseless.”

“Zara USA has denied allegations made in a lawsuit filed by a disgruntled shopper in California that the company has engaged in deceptive price practices.”

2. This fashion week, Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid are making fashion fun for everyone.

“Tommy Hilfiger isn’t exactly low key when it comes to runway shows – over recent seasons, he’s created an enormous Tommy-branded football stadium, a swimming pool, and a flower-power festival set in which to show his new collections. His latest plan is, somehow, even bigger: on September 9th, he’s taking over Pier 16 in NYC to construct Tommy Pier, a fairground-style location for his latest show. 2000 guests will be invited, with half of them Hilfiger fans rather than press. ”

3. Former Miss Universe is officially a U.S. citizen and you’d better believe she’s voting.

“In 1996, Alicia Machado of Venezuela was awarded the Miss Universe crown. Donald Trump had taken over the pageant that year and, after she put on some weight following her victory, she says that he subjected her to verbal harassment and other inappropriate behavior. As of this week, she officially became a U.S. citizen so that she can vote against him in the upcoming election.”