These Two New Filters are Not for Instagram

Maison Margiela’s REPLICA fragrances have always been a little bit quirky. Instead of capturing feelings, moods, and other obscurities, the brand’s 10 fragrances aim to capture some very specific, highly-universal moments. Names like “Beach Walk,” “Funfair Evening,” and even “Lipstick On” give us a good idea of what each one “replicates.”

And now, with Instagram’s adjustable filters as inspiration, the folks at Maison Margiela have created two olfactory filters that can adjust the scent experience into something slightly new. And they’ve done it in the form of two lightly-scented body oils. REPLICA’s Filters are meant to be spritzed on before your usual Replica fragrance of choice, and will subtly adjust your current fave to better suit your mood.

“Glow” affects a fragrance by brightening and sharpening it, and if it was an Instagram filter, we’d probably compare it to something bold, like Hefe or Lo-Fi. With rose, grapefruit flower, bergamot and neroli, it will amp up your scent’s brighter notes, the way the aforementioned filters will brighten your photos. “Blur,” on the other hand, does the opposite, adding softness, and enhancing your scent’s warmer, fuzzier notes à la Valencia. Pairing the jasmine, musk, and clean aldehyde notes of Blur is like wrapping your favourite fragrance in a soft cotton blanket, and making it watch The Notebook.

But think about the options! Together, Blur and Glow take a library of 10 scents, and expand them into 30. And while they’ve been formulated to paired with REPLICA fragrances, we’re all for experimentation, and we love to break the rules. Which means that our own fragrance library options are about to triple—we suggest you do the same.

REPLICA FILTERREPLICA Filters ($80 each) launch this September at Sephora and Sephora.ca.