This Luxury Resort is Redefining Diving

Some of the world’s most impressive natural wonders lie under the ocean’s waves. Exploring them, however,with the requisite tank, mask,and certification needed to scuba dive, is not always attainable—especiallyon a short vacation. Until now.

The Four Seasons Hualalai, a luxury property on the rugged shoreline of Hawaii Island, has a newly launched program: Snuba. The hotel’s King’sPond is an impressive 1.8-million gallon water feature built into the lava rock, which now offers guests a unique perspective on the region’s aquatic wildlife. As with scuba diving, Snuba participants breathe underwater using an oxygen mask, but the air source floats on a small raft at the surface, connecting the diver and air via a long hose. This hose allows the diver to swim relatively freely, but only get so deep—about 15 feet max. There is no lengthy training program required, and guests can go from enjoying breakfast on their oceanfront balcony to mingling with 4,000 fish from 98 different species (including a spotted eagle ray) in just 15 minutes.