Marchesa and Moroccanoil Team Up to Inspire Women

Marchesa has long been known for its ultra-feminine, fairytale-like dresses that make women feel they can conquer the world. So it’s fitting that Moroccanoil, purveyor of argan oil-infused hair and skincare, has chosen the label’s co-founder and designer, Georgina Chapman, as the latest ambassadress for its Inspired By Women campaign.

On the rooftop of New York’s Nomad Hotel last week, decked out like a Moroccan paradise, beauty editors feted Chapman, who was selected by Moroccanoil founder Carmen Tal to be featured in the Inspired By Women film series. The campaign, which began in 2014, spotlights the personal stories of women who have brought about change through empowerment, with the goal of inspiring and celebrating women around the world.

The new short film tells Chapman’s personal story of growing up with the belief that “anything is possible,” a sentiment that originated from her mother. “My mother is my greatest inspiration,” says Chapman. “She has always taught me that everything I wanted to do was possible and that happiness really is where you want to be, whatever that might mean for you.” A dedicated philanthropist, Chapman has supported the Magic Bus foundation since 2014; a charity that mentors marginalized youth in Mumbai, India, a region where many of Marchesa’s embroideries are sourced. “Part of the reason I was so thrilled to be a part of the Inspired By Women series was that Carmen generously agreed to support Magic Bus,” says Chapman. “It made sense to me to give back to the communities that have helped me build my company. I wanted to ensure that the families in the regions we’re working with are supported.”

Carmen Tal, Rahul Brahmbhatt, and Georgina Chapman

The relationship between Marchesa and Moroccanoil began when the hair care brand started sponsoring the designer’s runway shows at New York Fashion Week. When Tal and Chapman met as a result of the collaboration, the two shared an instant connection as female entrepreneurs with a mutual desire to give back. “Georgina embodies what it means to inspire by example,” says Tal. “Not only is she an incredibly talented designer who empowers women through her gorgeous, feminine clothing, but she also realizes the importance of giving back to the communities that helped build her company in India. The passionate work she does to help children in underprivileged communities there is truly remarkable.”

Tal also has grand ambitions for where she’d like to take the campaign: “We would love to bring it all over the world,” she says. “I’d love to take this campaign and make it a foundation one day. When you empower women, the sky’s the limit.” Consider us inspired.

Watch the new Inspired By Women film featuring Georgina Chapman here.

Photography by Jason Carter Rinaldi