Scrapbooking is Back, Kim Has Declared War, and More

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This is the S/ List.

1. Chanel just made scrapbooking cool again.

“Now’s the perfect time to break out the glue stick and scissors, because Karl Lagerfeld’s fall ad campaign for Chanel is another great example of the crafty aesthetic.”

2. Looks like Taylor Swift will be adding the Kardashian-West family to her no-fly list.

“If you’re just tuning into the ongoing drama between Swift, West, and Kardashian, the video looks like two friends chatting. To unlock the full, swirling vortex of feuds you actually have to go all the way back to the beginning of the year.”

3. Stella McCartney is tired of seeing fur in fashion.

“She estimates her accessories business could have been five times the size if she’d caved on her principles. But she didn’t.”

4. Goldman Sachs and Bain just paid $307 million for Korean beauty brand Carver

“The acquisition comes as the so-called Korean Wave of culture exports, from soap operas and K-pop music to food and fashion, boost overseas demand for beauty products.”

5. The Little Mermaid gets an artistic reboot courtesy of Yayoi Kusama.

“Best known for her avant-garde work in New York in the 1960s, Kusama uses her most iconic motifs here (eyes, a woman’s profile, polka dots) to recreate the story.”