Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow? It Could Be Your Scalp

Is there anything more unsettling than running a brush through your hair only to see a clump of fallen strands tangled between the bristles? This is an especially grim scenario when that clump seems to grow in size each day. And while a little shedding is completely normal (we shed anywhere from 100 to 150 hairs a day), substantial hair loss and thinning can be seen in those experiencing hormonal changes (pregnancy or menopause), stress, genetics, medication, environmental cause, and over processing (ahem, bleach).

So, what’s lock-loving woman to do? Individual treatments will vary, but a new treatment called Scalp Renew by Nioxin may be worth a shot.  This skincare-inspired treatment acts as a dermabrasion facial for your scalp, sloughing off dead skin cells and excess sebum to rejuvenate your hair follicles. If you’re wondering exactly what rejuvenating a follicle really entails, Nioxin’s Ontario Educator, Angelica Polsinelli explains, “Nioxin has the ingredients to kick start the growth cycle in follicles that are still alive, but not active.”

And while thinning hair isn’t the be-all and end-all for your mop, it’s best to address the issue sooner than later. As Nioxin uses non-chemical agents such as lactic acid, once the follicle has died, drug-based treatments will be needed to revive and restart hair growth.

Tyler Moore, owner of Toronto-based salon Parlour, has seen the power of Nioxin and since introduced the treatment in one of his two locations. “We brought Nioxin to the Beaches location when we realized that we had many male and female clients that were concerned with thinning hair – it was a reoccurring topic of concern that we wanted to address.”

And address it they have, offering both in-salon treatments and take-home products to ensure their clients are doing all they can to preserve and protect their strands. As a certified bleach blonde myself (membership is very exclusive) I was more than willing to accept Tyler’s invitation to experience the treatment myself.

I arrived at Parlour’s recently renovated Beaches location, ready to have my first scalp dermabrasion. My stylist, Lianna, sat me down and got straight to work, sectioning my hair and applying the white liquid methodically, as if she were colouring my roots.

At this point, I was simply enjoying the ten-minute head massage that is required for the Nioxin to penetrate the scalp. It wasn’t until Lianna brought me to the sink to wash the product out of my hair that I began feeling the effects. There really is no other way to describe the feeling other than ‘minty fresh.’ It was pleasant and cooling and just as promised, refreshing.

Following the wash, which involved a Nioxin cleanser and conditioner, Lianna sat me up and finished the appointment with a good ‘ol fashion blowout. As she worked, I couldn’t help but notice how vibrant and bouncy my near-white (and typically near-death) hair looked.

When I left the salon, I couldn’t stop running my hands through my hair, feeling every follicle, looking for the patches of bumpy skin I’ve become accustomed to thanks to regular bleaching. As far as my fingers could tell, my scalp was flawless. And my hair looked damn good, too. When I looked in the mirror, it seemed that each and every strand was standing in attention, shooting out of the follicles (sounds gross, but it’s true!). It doesn’t hurt that, until I washed my hair again, I received non-stop compliments at work.

So, has my hair stopped falling out? Not quite, but it never will (it’s natural, remember). Did I see a change in the condition of my scalp? Absolutely. And not only will I be booking another Nioxin Scalp Renew, but I’ll be bringing friends with me. Learn more about Nioxin Scalp Renew here or book your treatment with Parlour here.


Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images