Gemma Ward Storms the Runway 14-Weeks Pregnant, Fashion’s Greenwashing Ways, and More

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1. Gemma Ward walks the runway for David Jones—14-weeks pregnant.

“‘I just think it is a really lovely way to celebrate a period in what some women go through and it is nice to celebrate all the different ways your body changes.'”

2. Are we all being duped by the fashion industry’s greenwashing practices?

“…words that actually have standards behind them, like organic, recycled, fair trade—those all actually mean something—but words like sustainable and eco-friendly, on a product, don’t.”

3. Why 2016’s olympic athletes will be taping, painting, and hiding footwear logos.

“The camouflaging demonstrates the power of the $75 billion global athletic footwear industry, which closely monitors what athletes wear—and, with lawyers at its beck and call, what they do not.”

Image courtesy of Getty Images.