3 Tactics to Add to Your Beauty Arsenal, Stat

Photography by Jonathan Storey/Getty Images


The most unsettling thing about the dreaded “double chin,” which tends to bring an older and heavier appearance with it, is its unrelenting resilience. The most rigid of diets and rigorous exercise aren’t a sure-fire antidote if your genes have other plans, but a new-to-Canada injectable, Belkyra (marketed as Kybella in the US), offers a non-surgical solution to put the issue out of sight and more importantly, out of mind. Leading dermatologist Dr. Vince Bertucci explains that the formula of deoxycholic acid—a chemical already present in our bodies—is injected into the area through multiple tiny sites in a grid-like pattern that can be customized by the administering doctor. Over the following weeks, fat cells are destroyed and eliminated, meaning once they’re gone, they’re gone, and any regained weight will likely find a home elsewhere. The big question now: When can we use this technology to eliminate our other trouble zones? Bertucci assures that while Belkyra trials have focused solely on the chin area, we can bet that it’s just a matter of time before broader studies are underway. belkyra.ca


All the creams and serums in the world aren’t going to stop time entirely, says Dr. Holly Fennell, the naturopathic doctor and creator of the Age Quencher Beauty System. Fennell’s solution: to support the aging process, rather than “fight” it, which sparked the idea for her line of beautifying supplements. The three-step system, which includes a vitamin capsule, an electrolyte formula, and protein powder, was originally formulated for a patient dealing with early menopause, after cancer treatments had begun the process prematurely. The system’s aim was to restore the skin, hair, and nails from the inside out by replenishing the body of necessary building blocks so that it can better take care of itself. But after taking the supplements, many of Fennell’s other menopausal patients noticed improvements in their appearance as well as beneficial side effects like heightened energy, lessened hot flashes and more. “We didn’t set out to affect the body’s hormones,” says Fennell. “But my guess would be that if menopausal symptoms were at all related to, or worsened by imbalances in hydration levels or protein intake, etc., then by giving the body what it needs it’s simply better equipped to handle [many of its] processes.” agequencher.com


When Dr. Liza Egbogah—a jet-setting chiropractic doctor with a roster of celebrity clients—informed me that a knotted digastric muscle (located under the jaw, and used to chew) or a tight hip flexor—can add years and pounds to our appearance and rob us of a youthful glow, I was ready for a fix. Dr. Egbogah opened her chic downtown Toronto chiropractic clinic, the[fix], seven years ago. “Patients would come in and say ‘Yes, I have back pain—but it’s making me look old,’ or ‘I’m getting more wrinkles now that I have these headaches,’” she says. Which is where her four cosmetic protocols—The Facelift, The Tummy Tuck, The Neck Slim, and The Anti-Gravity—come in. The treatments use a combination of stretching, massage, adjustments and myofascial release techniques to improve posture, increase blood flow (hello, glow!), flatten the tummy, slim the face, elongate the neck, and more. And while a prescription of stretches will help maintain the effects, results are seen instantly, which is why you’ll find Dr. Egbogah working her magic behind the scenes at the Academy Awards, TIFF, and even on the Olympic stage. dr-liza.com