Christie Brinkley Shames BAZAAR, Leslie Jones is Going to the Olympics, and More

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This is the S/ List.

1. Leslie Jones continues to slay the Twitterverse, gets invited to Rio.

“The Ghostbusters star has been livening up the Rio 2016 festivities by live-tweeting the Olympic Games, all while draped in an American flag. Even NBC, which broadcasts the Games, has noticed, with one producer extending an invite for Jones to come down to Brazil.”

2. Love succulents? Now you can wear one, sort of.

“Cartier has a long-standing history with flora-motif jewelry: Russian hard-stone flowers in agate and jade in the early-20th century, diamond-and-onyx orchids in 1925, coral-rose chokers in the ’60s. Now comes a new 13-piece collection called Cactus de Cartier, a riff on the arid desert cactus (and appropriate for these succulent-crazed times).”

3. Christie Brinkley just served Harper’s Bazaar major Trump-fuelled shade.

“Christie Brinkley was evidently not thrilled to see a profile and photo shoot featuring Ivanka Trump in the September issue of Harper’s BAZAAR. So much so that the model took her indignation to Instagram, commenting on one of the magazine’s posts from the spread. ‘And we all know we can’t seriously consider a hate monger as President,’ she wrote. ‘Supporting Trump makes YOU complicit in his racism and bigotry.'”