Located just a stone’s throw from the harbour of Penzance, Chapel House PZ is an exquisite Georgian townhouse that has been transformed into an elegant boutique hotel. The once neglected building has another lease on life (and a stylish one, at that) thanks to owner Susan Stuart, who purchased the historic property in 2012.

Built in 1790, Chapel House has endured multiple reincarnations. It has served as home to 18th and 19th century notables, a shelter for WWII evacuees, and even as an arts club. The most recent revival began once Stuart took ownership. The building underwent a two-year redesign and renovation by Loci Architecture and Catling Construction, which carefully combines the home’s original features with contemporary touches. Drawing inspiration from the fresh oceanic backdrop, the hotel’s crisp colour palette has a light and airy feel. The delicate balance between modernity and tradition, along with luxurious finishes, make the Chapel House a design lover’s dream.

chapel house 1

chapel hill 3

chapel house 2