8 Corset-Inspired Tops to Shop Now

Adding a unique touch to any outfit they are paired with, corsets have evolved from a divisive clothing item to a modern-day closet staple. Structured with boning and secured with ribbons, zippers, or hooks, new iterations come in a variety of styles and fabrics. Here we’ve compiled eight of our favourite corsets and corset-inspired tops that deserve any fashion lover’s attention.

Corset, Dior, $1,900.

Nordress Burgundy Stretchy Netting Long-Sleeved Corset, No Dress, $187.

Campbell Corset, Miaou, $390.

Tabia Leather Corset Top, LaMarque, $295.

Strapless Crop Top, Rotate, $401.

Panelled Wool Corset Top, Magda Butrym, $890.

Wonderland Floral Corset, Zimmermann, $895.

Workwear Corset, Dion Lee, $960.