11 Products From Women-Owned Brands to Support This Women’s History Month

For the fourth and last instalment of our month-long International Women’s Day Series, we spotlight women-owned businesses to support year-round. From jewellery to fragrances and fashion, scroll to see the 11 brands to shop and get inspired by.

T. Line, The Isabella Shirt, $225

Founded by Canadian entrepreneurs Britt Barkwell and Alia Bissett, T.Line specializes in the quality craftsmanship of classic styles.

Paola Vilas, Louise Hoop Earring, $710

Owned by Rio artist Paola Vilas, the brand offers wearable sculptures, jewellery, home decor, and accessories. Each of their unique artistic pieces are made to celebrate womanhood and feminine energy.  

Riot Swim, Phoenix One Piece, $208

Founded by Monti Landers, Riot Swim creates swimwear meant to feel like a second skin. The brand’s range includes swimwear, loungewear, and athleisure meant to encourage confidence in anyone who wears it.  

Maguire Shoes, Lugo Cream Heeled Pumps, $210

Owned by Montreal-based sisters, Myriam and Romy Maguire, Maquire has an ethical direct-to-consumer model that allows them to sell high quality products at an accessible price.

Nadine Ghosn, Life Cycle Pavée Chain Bracelet, $24,880 

Nadine Ghosn thinks outside the box when it comes to her London-based jewellery brand. Her beautifully crafted pieces are made by Lebanese artisans who make ordinary products extraordinary.

Sandy Liang, Pilton Dress, $655

New York–based Sandy Liang designs clothing, footwear, and accessories with a modern twist.

Francisca Mancini, Atlantica Perfume, $330

Francisca Mancini’s perfume studio aims to find beauty in all types of art, and translates feelings into scents through perfumes, candles, and home fragrances.

Rosie Assoulin- CTRL HALT(er)-V Top Black, $695 

Rosie Assoulin’s range of womenswear offers beautifully-crafted silhouettes for all occasions.

Cocktail Emporium, Spiced Cosmopolitan Set, $70 

Founded by Kristin Voisey, the Cocktail Emporium has 3 Toronto locations stocked with premium bar tools, glassware, and ingredients.

Naghedi NYC, St. Barths Mini Graphic Geo, $265 

Designed and owned by Sarah Naghedi, Naghedi NYC’s woven handbags are handmade by artisans and available in a range colour combinations and geometric patterns.

Dorian Who, Black Quilted Varsity Jacket, $685 

Tehran-born designer Dorian Who doesn’t shy away from making a statement. Her designs focus on quality fabrics and combine comfort with a side of streetwear.