MISFITSTUDIO Founder Amber Joliat on Staying Active and Centred

Photographed by Ryanne Hollies.

The sudden switch to working from home has been disruptive for many of us who are accustomed to active and social lifestyles. And while this sudden change feels extremely challenging and isolating, making an effort to keep active and clear your mind is sure to help. Here, MISFITSTUDIO founder Amber Joliat reveals ways she keeps centred and how her studio is inspiring everyone to stay connected and active.

As a fitness/movement guru and new mom (congrats!), how has your morning routine evolved?

“Ha! It has changed significantly with a newborn! But it’s still very calm and peaceful. My daughter and I sit in low dim romantic light for the first morning feed, gazing into each other’s eyes. We breathe and meditate together and when she’s finally conked out in a milk haze, I get my morning movement in. Even if it’s 15 minutes, I feel so much better on the other side. I shower, dress, and feel ready for whatever madness will show up in the day.”        

Setting fitness goals might be a difficult for those overwhelmed with the current state of affairs. What’s something small everyone can do to lower their stress levels or get motivated to incorporate movement into their stay-at-home schedule?

“See this as an opportunity to begin a healthy habit for the physical body and for your mental wellbeing. Now more than ever, moving our physical body is so important. Through movement we can untangle the emotional tension inside to consciously raise the vibration of our energetic body. Instead of seeing it as a goal, see it as a lifestyle, a choice. Live in your power.”                    

As a new mother, what can women who are expecting or post-partum do at home to keep active? 

“Even if it’s slow, even if it’s 15 minutes, move the body. It feels like clearing, it feels like cleansing. Moving is how we heal ourselves.”         

Aside from exercising/movement, what do you do to stay centered?

“Breathing long and deep and slow, eating really clean, drinking a ton of water, and meditating. Also doing the hard work it requires to observe the fluctuations of the mind and not get stuck in thought. I use the breath to clear each moment.”      

How can MISFITSTUDIO devotees stay connected with the Misfits community?

There are a number of ways we’re keeping the vibrations high with our incredible community. People can tune into @misfitstudio on Instagram stories for free IG live classes once a day. We launched virtual classes, available multiple times a day on Zoom (that can be booked through our website and the mind body app). Even I will be teaching! First time back since having my baby. We’re also offering two weeks free of MISFITVIDEO—our online class subscription. It gives access to 35+ pre-recorded classes. Lastly, we have props available on our online shop. The pilates mat, squish ball, and weighted balls are optional for the online classes, but helpful for those who want to mimic what goes on in our studios as close as possible. We’re so grateful for the outpouring of love and support in this strange time.”