5 Wellness Workouts You Can Stream from Home

As we find ourselves in another week of self-isolation, maintaining a fitness routine is proving to be a struggle. The desire to move from bed to couch and back to bed each day can be tempting, but it’s important to keep the body and mind active during this period of extended alone time. Finding ways to move your body with limited equipment and space isn’t easy. It can also be tricky for those within earshot of others—nobody wants to be that upstairs neighbour, stomping and jumping around. To stay motivated during this time, we’ve gathered some of the best at-home workouts available online, modified to suit any living situation. Here are the top five workout classes you can do from home.

Ballet Beautiful

Mary Helen Bowers has made a name for herself with dance-inspired workouts on her site Ballet Beautiful. Bowers lends from her background as a professional dancer, creating strength-training that requires no equipment—just your body. No real dance experience is required, so why not indulge in the fantasy of being an at-home ballerina? Each class is available for individual drop-ins or you can sign up for an unlimited membership.


During these uncertain times, having a mindful approach to working out can be healing. MISFITSTUDIO—known for its inclusive approach to connecting mind, body, and spirit through pilates and yoga—is moving its classes to an online platform. Each class is offered through a Zoom live stream with multiple options to choose from daily by either dropping in or signing up for a membership.

Tracy Anderson

Known for her long list of celebrity clients, Tracy Anderson’s workouts have been lauded for their effective approach in toning and transforming bodies. Her famous Tracy Anderson Method came from years of research and has helped the likes of Gwenyth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham stay fit. Anderson currently offers three online programs designed to optimize your at-home workout. Each curriculum is carefully thought through to help clients live a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. Programs can be paid month-by-month or through a one-time annual fee.


Cassey Ho, who runs the popular YouTube channel Blogilates, is offering multiple at-home workout videos designed without any equipment. From quiet cardio to stretches you can do in bed, these workouts can turn even the smallest studio apartment into a functional workout space. She occasionally offers free live streams in addition to her Youtube, Instagram, and Tik Tok workouts.


Another popular YouTuber, Maddie Lymburner, is offering quick and effective workout tutorials on her page MadFit. From 15-minute HIIT circuits to stress relief exercises, there’s an option for whatever you’re in the mood for. In addition to offering video workouts on Instagram and Youtube, you can also join her live streams to get a real-time workout.