5 Instagram Recipes You Can Try at Home

Amid the current global chaos, one of the few positives to come from the COVID-19 outbreak is the constant access to our kitchens while in quarantine. With ample time to flex those culinary skills, it’s the perfect opportunity to update your cooking repertoire. Thankfully there’s no shortage of content to scroll through on Instagram, including delicious recipes that can be adapted to suit what you have lying around. Here are five Instagram recipes that you can try at home.

For The Health Nut

Trust Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski to bring healthy meals to the homes of those self-isolating. With his new Instagram series “Quar Eye,” Porowski is compiling the ideal recipes to make when you have nowhere to be. This recipe feels luxurious but takes little effort and can be altered to suit your preferences.

For The Meat Lover

Nik Sharma’s one-pot pilaf recipe offers complex flavours, combining fragrant herbs with juicy lamb and yogurt. It will yield several servings to get you through the week and it’s an easy one to make modifications to suit whatever’s in your pantry. No lamb at the grocery store? You can swap for chicken, beef, or eggplant for a plant-based twist.

For Gluten Free

This recipe could not be more simple. Combining banana, eggs, and peanut butter (powdered or regular—your call), these mini pancakes are the best way to satiate those brunch cravings without venturing outside. The batter can also be modified for muffins or larger pancakes.

For The Vegan

If you’re looking for something plant-based and hearty, here’s a quick vegan meal that provides fresh spring flavors that will make you forget that you’re cooped up indoors. This is an easy one to adapt for vegans and meat-eaters alike.

For Dessert

Chef and previous winner of Chopped Canada Paul Lillakas is providing another Instagram quarantine series, “Cooking What You’ve Got,” to explore easy, at-home meals. This recipe combines sparkling wine, fresh strawberries, and Chantilly cream for a bright, sweet dessert and an additional fruit-infused beverage.