Louis Vuitton Redefines the Art of Hosting With Monogram Tableware

The history of Louis Vuitton’s signature motifs dates back to 1888 when founder Louis Vuitton first patented the Damier Checkerboard Canvas—his last creation before his passing in 1892. The Damier motif was first presented at the Paris Exposition Universelle in 1889, and while it was Louis Vuitton’s first registered trademark, this action failed to deter counterfeiting. Continuing his father’s legacy, Georges Ferréol Vuitton created the Monogram canvas, intending to prevent the exploitation of the Damier. Taking several weeks and sketches to conceptualize, the Monogram canvas consists of four ornaments: three floral motifs, and the interlaced initials of the Maison’s founder. Since its inception, the Monogram has continued to be an enduring emblem of the brand, a coat of arms of sorts, and a graphic trademark characteristic of Louis Vuitton’s principal lines, including leather goods, ready-to-wear, objet d’art, and most recently, tableware, debuting late last year. 

Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Comprised of three distinct lines designed to mix and match to create endless tablescape combinations, the hero of the newly minted category is the Monogram Flower Tile Collection. Crafted in Limoges porcelain, the collection features a unique watercolour iteration—available in a blue or beige colourway—of the Monogram flower set against a white background. Perfect for afternoon tea or a dinner party, the graphic is showcased on an array of tableware staples, from a dainty plate to an ample bowl. 

Accompanying and rounding out the collection are Louis Vuitton’s Crystal Clear creations, available in a variety of striking hues: sapphire blue, amber, emerald, and Venetian ruby. Showcasing the maison’s Murano glass-making craftsmanship and the expertise of designer Simone Cenedese, the playful designs include the Twist Glass, a sculptural tumbler with a whirling shape, and its coordinating Flower Carafes. 

With the Monogram at the forefront, Louis Vuitton’s new tableware offering revives the art of hosting, inviting patrons of the brand to tap into their inherent creativity to transform ordinary moments into meaningful celebrations. Going beyond functionality, the collection showcases Louis Vuitton’s savoir faire, as well as its commitment to honouring its innovative roots and designs.

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