Your Guide to the Season’s Most Unique Light Fixtures

Lighting can sometimes be overlooked or left for last when decorating your living space. This is unfortunate because its influence on the atmosphere of a space can be immense. A beautiful fixture—or fixtures – can bring a room’s aesthetic together in a powerful way, channelling quirkiness or refinement, eye-grabbing whimsy or quiet beauty. These lamps, pendants and sconces, designed by some of the most exciting and creative contemporary studios, are rare finds sure to make any room feel either new and refreshing or warm and inviting, depending on what feelings you want to inspire in residents and guests.  

Talbot & Yoon – Doko Lamp, $250

The designers at New York firm Talbot & Yoon certainly aren’t afraid to lean into playfulness in their creations, but they know how to do so while still keeping their work from seeming childish or vulgar. The cartoonish shape of their Doko Lamp is meant to make viewers think of an anthropomorphic character carrying the big spherical bulb on its shoulders. Brass detailing and frosted glass add a touch of elegance. 

Hollis + Morris – Apogee Pendant, starting at $1,205 

Inspired by the magic of the recent solar eclipse, and want to give your living space a tinge of the celestial? Apogee—meaning the farthest point from the Earth the moon reaches in its orbit—is a suitable name for this planetary pendant. A lunar-like disk balances precariously at the bottom of an elliptical swing, in a subtle, beautiful representation of a satellite’s orbit. The slightly off-centre positioning of the bulb gives the fixture a sense of vitality, making it seem as though it is truly in motion. 

Concord – Hemi Sconce, starting from $4,300

A highlight from Toronto design firm Concord’s newest collection, the simplicity of the Hemi Sconce’s steel structure is offset by its mysterious, entrancing shape. Industrial yet esoteric—looking sort of like a hieroglyph, or some otherwise impenetrable symbol—the fixture naturally draws the viewer’s eye all along it. The eye of the sconce, constructed of a hemisphere of hand-blown glass, burns fiery and warm; behind it, the back panel of the fixture sits flush against the wall, as though it is a shadow. Available in multiple sizes and finishes for customization.   

Lambert & Fils – Isle Collection, starting at $5,040

Montreal studio Lambert & Fils’ beautifully unique Isle collection consists of glowing glass tubes balanced on pedestals of solid stone and aluminum. The tubes are positioned with an almost acrobatic delicacy, quiet and peaceful, while the variable sizes, materials and placements of the pedestals keep the minimalism of the fixture exciting and artistic. The variety of pieces in this collection, created in collaboration with New York designer Zoë Mowat, includes a range of lights, pedestals and materials to suit different layouts. 

Tibo – Grand Bouquet, $3,990

The name Grand Bouquet is the perfect descriptor for this enchanting marvel of a fixture, featuring a floral arrangement of differently sized frosted acrylic lights, all balanced along a curved line of natural brass. The resonance of the shape of the bulbs with petals or wings grants the piece a fantastical quality, making it a suitable fixture for a fairy’s home—or for anyone looking to add a dash of magic to their space. 

Jacques et Anna – Toucan, $480 

Jacques et Anna, a young Montreal studio founded by Anaïe Dufresne and her father Jacques is an expert in playful inventions. Inspired by the banker’s lamp, Toucan is a fun contemporary twist on the classic design that strips it down to its most minimal form. Available in green, if you want to emulate the fixture found frequently in older libraries, as well as in white or black for a more subtle look.  

Umbra & Lux – Nymphaea, Starting at $1,700 

Nymphaea, named after the Latin term for water lilies, consists of hand-sculpted disks of steel and aluminum in either silver or gold finishes. They cascade down from the ceiling, resembling a succession of lily pads that a frog might like to hop along. The hand-sculpting of the disks renders each one unique, with its angles and curves, further pressing home the easy naturalness of the fixture. This casually elegant piece can be purchased in iterations of between three and twelve disks. 

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