Essential Plant Care Tips From The Founder of Shop Foli

Indoor plants are proven to boost creativity, reduce stress, and clean the air we breathe. Before selecting your perfect match, it’s important to consider which type is best suitable for your lifestyle. Shop Foli founder, Emily Wight is simplifying the plant buying process with caring and convenient delivery across Canada. Here, she reveals tips for aspiring first-time owners and advice on how to keep your plant happy and healthy.

What can you recommend for first-time plant parents?

“For plant nubies, I normally recommend a ZZ plant or a Philodendron.  They are both easy, drought-tolerant and satisfying to watch grow!  The ZZ has bright green, thick foliage with large tube-like arches, it’s forgiving and adds some great vertical interest.  The Philodendron was my very first house plant, more than 10 years ago!  It trails easily and happily, making it very gratifying as a new plant owner.  You want signs that you are doing the right things for your new plant and a Philodendron will reward you with quick growth and bright new foliage.”

What types of plants can you suggest for animal owners?

“I would suggest peperomia varieties for pet owners, peperomia obtusfolia is really sturdy and pleasing, so is the funky and wild Pilea or friendship plant. Both are quick growers and easy to care for. They require bright to moderate sunlight and watering every 1-2 weeks.”

How often should you care for your plant?

“Care requirements vary from plant to plant but some very basic rules of thumb I try to follow:

1. Plants love sun! Start taking note of where the sun fills your home or office and think about where plants would fit into those sun-filled spots. Lots of plants manage well with low light, but just gaining a general awareness of light will help you judge what your plant needs and how to adjust if you think it needs more sun or less. 

2. Drainage is key! When you do water your plants I highly recommend taking your plants to the sink or shower and giving your plants a good drink, allowing the excess water to drain.  This will avoid root rot issues where roots drown due to sitting in stagnant water. It’s also a good chance to wash away dirt/dust that will collect on the foliage. 

3. When you find a good spot for your plant, keep it there!  Plants do well when they are given some time to adjust to a new space.  With more finicky plants, like the fiddle leaf fig, find a spot where you can tell it’s happy and keep it there! 

4. Watch out for over-watering. Get your hands in the soil so you can tell when the soil is dry or feels hydrated.  This will give you a good baseline for how much and how often to water your plants. Don’t try to make up for lost time by drenching your plant buddies!  Slow and steady!”

Can you share tips on repotting?

“Repotting isn’t always necessary, many tropical house plants are quite happy to wrap their roots around the base and become root-bound. If you want to encourage more growth and continue increasing your pot sizes, awesome! Opt for a growers pot that is no more than 2-3 inches bigger than the current pot. The plastic grower’s pot is great as it allows you to water at the sink or shower for full drainage then place back into your fancy pot. If you are going to re-opt make sure you keep in mind these two things:

1. Drainage, with a grower’s pot or stones in the base of the pot.

2. Good quality soil to boost the nutrients and encourage growth.”

What makes the best atmosphere for a plant to remain healthy and happy?

“Is it super cheesy to say love!? It is but I’m saying it. You can find a plant to suit almost any room or space. Just do some research on what elements you are working with in terms of light, humidity and make a choice on what you think will work best.  Give it a go and be nice to yourself!  Don’t be afraid to get dirty, try new things and learn.  The adventure of plant love awaits!”