Support Local With These 6 Coffee Roasters and Shops

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended many social routines in the hopes of flattening the curve and relieving stress on front-line medical personnel. As a result, local cafés have made the difficult decision to reconfigure business practices to keep their beloved clientele safe during these unstable times. In an effort to mandate social distancing and help keep the general public in their domestic spaces, various coffee shops around Canada are offering convenient delivery options to satisfy your caffeine craving in a socially-responsible manner. Whether you’re itching for an impeccable iced Americano, or in search of premium beans for home brewing, these homegrown roasters and coffee shops will safely quench your java thirst.

French Made – Toronto


Sam James Coffee Bar – Toronto


Incognito Coffee – Vancouver


The Federal Store – Vancouver


Neighbour Coffee – Calgary


Cordova Coffee – Montreal