15 Visually Pleasing Games and Puzzles to Immerse Yourself In

Puzzles and board games epitomize timeless screen-free entertainment. Whether it’s a vibrantly coloured jigsaw puzzle, a handheld vintage-inspired game, or an artful set of dominoes, these aesthetically pleasing and thought-provoking items set the stage for time well spent.

Peruse the gallery for engaging games and puzzles to enrich your home.

Products mentioned: Make Your Own Mondrian: A Modern Art Puzzle, Raincoast Books, Bergo Designs, $30; Crystal Game Board in the Blues, John-Richard Collection, Neiman Marcus, $365; Dusen Dusen Pattern Puzzle, Areaware, Lost + Found, $25; New York Times Crossword Puzzles, Zibbers, Drake General Store, $18; Library Greyhound Puzzle, Seltzer Goods, $35; Keith Haring Dominoes, MoMA Design Store, $52; Dawn 500-Piece Puzzle, Printworks, Hudson’s Bay, $35; Stone Games: Tangram, D.A.R. Projects, Made Trade, $126; Andy Warhol Flowers 500 Piece Puzzle, Galison, Indigo, $23; Backgammon, REMEMBER, Jamais Assez, $170; Little Puzzle Thing: Papaya, Areaware, Easy Tiger Goods, $24; Manifesto: The Arts Movement Game, Vancouver Art Gallery Store, $23; Slow Puzzles: Monstera, DOIY, Bergo Designs, $24; Retro Tin BB Puzzle Game: Round Up, Sweet Jane’s, $5; Maison de Jeu Shaped Puzzle, Christian Lacroix, Vancouver Art Gallery Store, $31.