Discover the Idyllic Wonder of the Old World with The Aficionados

The Aficionados explores the splendours of heritage and bespoke luxury across the European peninsula with the unveiling of four new idyllic boutique hotel experiences: Schgaguler Hotel, Hotel August, Kulturhof Hotel, and Under the Sea. The travel resource takes pride in curating a network of over ninety fantastic hotels, designer homes, creatives, and products that embrace the heart and soul of each locale in order to cultivate a deep connection with visitors. Showcasing an emporium of culture and lifestyle, the new lineup of accommodations uncovers the magnificence of the old world, highlighting the innate beauty and cultural phenomenon that Europe holds within. Whether you are sitting quayside, exploring quaint ancient villages, hiking the mountainside, or soaking in the sun, The Aficionados provides a tightly edited selection of destinations that fuse luxury, design, and authenticity for a truly unparalleled travel experience.

Schgaguler Hotel

Residing in the heart of the UNESCO heritage village of Castelrotto, the Schgaguler Hotel delivers a modern luxury resort experience that fosters a feeling of serene comfort in this alpine locale. Decisively contemporary in its design, the sculptural resort is a distinctive hallmark situated in a classic Italian village and features sweeping balconies across rooftop suites that engineer a sense of calm bliss for guests to enjoy.

Photography by Rene Riller.

Kulturhof Hotel

Translating to “culture courtyard”, the German Kulturhof Hotel welcomes international guests and locals to explore the boundaries between nature and cultural landscape in this relaxing mountain retreat. Nestled in lush forests with dramatic mountain views, this vertically constructed gabled lodging is a sustainable design that works in synergy with Berchtesgaden traditions to craft a welcoming communal environment that personifies relaxation through a sauna, yoga studio, ballroom, and glasshouse.

Photography courtesy of The Aficionados.

Hotel August

Beneath the tough exterior of traditional terracotta brick exists the restored Belgian religious commune turned tranquil lodgings: the Hotel August, which provides a fresh take on historic ecclesiastical styles. The residences hold a seductive and understated vibe that reveal its inherent vitality through a haven of reimagined neoclassical elements paired with functional contemporary luxuries set to create a tranquil harmony in this a la mode lodging.

Photography by Robert Rieger.

Under the Sun

Built atop of the dramatic Tino cliffscape, the Under the Sun hotel provides a soulful escape nestled between the Aegean blue sea and blissful sky that unveils the dreamy juxtaposition of nature’s prowess. Sunken buildings cast into the rocky Greek hillside use sleek contemporary architecture to highlight the natural beauty of the raw environment, crafting a refined sense of solace amongst the breathtaking beauty of the Aegean panorama.

Photography courtesy of of The Aficionados.

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