7 Cookbooks That Will Spice Up Your Kitchen

Explore culinary delights with our handpicked list of sought-after cookbooks. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a kitchen rookie, these trending books will ignite your creativity, guiding you to craft exquisite dishes that capture the flavours of the season.

Coli Cooks: Easy Fancy Food

With 100 fuss-free recipes, Colu Henry empowers home cooks to create sophisticated dishes, fast. Henry’s book reinvigorates weeknight cooking, offering flavourful solutions that fit modern schedules.

Table For Two

In her cookbook debut Table for Two, Australian-born, London-based food writer Bre Graham showcases how these shared meals create life’s beautiful moments. With delightful dishes designed for two, this cookbook takes you on a culinary journey of romance and connection.

Eating From Our Roots

Acclaimed dietitian, Maya Feller explores the deep connection between food and culture, taking readers on a journey through diverse ancestral culinary traditions. This cookbook not only offers mouth-watering recipes but also emphasizes the importance of embracing one’s heritage through delightful cooking.

Today’s Special: 20 Leading Chefs Choose 100 Emerging Chefs

Embark on a journey through diverse flavours, styles, and stories that define today’s culinary stars. Curated by 20 culinary masters, “Today’s Special” introduces 100 rising-star chefs redefining the culinary landscape.

The Everlasting Meal CookbookFrom quick weeknight meals to adventurous global cuisines, these cookbooks are your gateway to fresh culinary explorations.

Tamar Adler shares her revolutionary approach to cooking, encouraging readers to make the most of every ingredient and minimize waste. This book is a treasure trove of practical tips, versatile recipes, and a celebration of the joy of cooking and eating.

Vegetable Revelations

Renowned chef Steven Satterfield shares his passion for plant-based cuisine, presenting a diverse array of flavours and innovative recipes that will inspire even the most die-hard carnivores to embrace the power of vegetables.

Love Japan: Recipes from Our Japanese American Kitchen

Experience the harmonious blend of Japanese and American culinary influences in Love Japan. Chefs Sawako Okochi and Aaron Israel bring their passion for both cultures to the forefront, delivering a collection of delightful recipes that combine the flavours of the two rich culinary heritages.