Remembering André Leon Talley’s Most Iconic Looks and Quotes

The late André Leon Talley’s impact on the fashion world is immeasurable. A fixture at front rows and red carpets globally, Talley’s effervescence was infectious, thwarting the industry’s traditional stoicism in favour of unbridled enthusiasm. His decades long editorial career, having worked prominently at Vogue and other notable publications (including Interview), gave him equal access to fashion’s most venerated creatives and burgeoning designers on the cusp of recognition.

Throughout the years, Talley cultivated an eccentric sartorial identity that ensured each of his public appearances was similarly iconic. A billowy caftan, whether rendered in traditional black or brocaded with baroque motifs, became his signifier, accentuating his 6’6” frame marvellously. Similarly, Talley’s insightful and oftentimes colourful commentary were also unforgettable.

In the wake of Talley’s untimely passing, we’ve rounded up extraordinary looks and vivid commentary from his longstanding tenure as fashion’s most remarkable personality—rest powerfully.

Photo: Arthur Elgort
Photo: Michael Roberts/Maconochie Photography
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