Myles Mindham Celebrates 25 Years of Beautiful Jewellery


They say diamonds are forever and we think Myles Mindham would agree, as the award-winning Canadian jeweller is celebrating his 25th anniversary as a bespoke jeweller. To mark this incredible milestone, Mr. Mindham drew inspiration from his love of nature and a fantasy forest found in one of his favourite childhood books to create the limited collection called Magical Woodland. Divided into three main themes: Wings, Moon Fairies and Mushroom Wishes; the collection is the ultimate anniversary collection. Here, we catch up with Mindham on his latest, and possibly greatest, collection yet.

S/ magazine: What drove you to pursue jewellery design professionally?

Myles Mindham: It was out of a passion for creating beautiful things that make people really happy. I always wanted to do something creative. I was never good at math and sciences and jewellery was something that totally captured my imagination.

S/: Where did you train to become a jewellery designer?

MM: I took an illustration program at George Brown College but truthfully I learned most of what I know just by doing. Very early in my career I worked for a jeweller who had a workshop. This is where I gained my knowledge in gemstones, sorting and the practicality of design.

 S/: Why is fine jewellery so important to you?

MM:  Jewellery has the ability to create a legacy. I’m in the heirloom business and I love that I can create heirlooms for people through my passion for jewellery art.

S/: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned over the last 25 years?

MM: Go slow and steady. I built my business very carefully and have been as disciplined as possible. Patience and hard work does pay off.

S/: How did you come up with the theme for your 25th anniversary collection? Where did you draw inspiration from?

MM: I wanted to do something that was near and dear to my heart for our 25th anniversary and also wanted to have fun. Magical Woodland was inspired by nature and the imaginative fantasy forest found in some of my favourite childhood books. As a young boy, reading books transported me to an enchanted fantasyland where magical thinking could be true. Miniaturization and tiny mystical things have always fascinated me, so for our anniversary, I wanted to pay tribute to these stories with a dramatic jewellery collection.

S/: Is there a piece from the 25th anniversary that was a labor of love and took longer to complete?

MM: The Moon Fairies statement pendant is an interpretation of one of my favourite childhood books and includes fairies, the moon, a dark forest and flashes of light. A huge amount of detail went into capturing this and took approximately six months to complete.

S/: How do you collaborate with your clients to design their perfect piece?

MM: I get to know my clients and I listen. I ask questions that drive certain lines of conversations which then translates to my inspiration for the piece.

S/: We know that each piece you design and create holds a close place in your heart. Is there a piece you designed in the last 25 years that you’re particularly proud of?

MM: I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people and create so many amazing pieces over the last 25 years, it’s hard to choose just one item. I’m truly proud of everything I have created and/or have redesigned for my clients.

Keep scrolling for our favourite pieces from Midham Fine Jewellery’s Magical Woodland.