The Only Spa You Need to Visit this Winter

With the dry (and frigid) winter air making itself known, your skin is going to need some love sooner than you think. And at the Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie, they take pampering seriously.

The spa, which combines traditional Middle Eastern influences with a luxury cosmetic line, is by far the the place to escape the cold this winter. Entering this sanctuary, which is located in Toronto’s Shangri-la Hotel, is an experience in itself, immediately drawing you in a dimly lit, aromatic hideaway. And whether you opt for a traditional hammam and gommage—a steam and exfoliation treatment—or a signature Caudalie facial, prepare to leave the outside world behind.

Take for example the spa’s Beauty Elixir Treatment. This 75-minute retreat begins with full body compressions, a technique that targets your lymphatic system, before transitioning into a 60-minute facial. Between the heated bed, rhythmic massaging, and the fragrant products, it’s nearly impossible to stay awake. And when you do regain consciousness to see glowing, energized skin, you may question where you are.