Louis Vuitton’s Latest Collection is an Ode to Adolescence

With a theme centering on the concept of youth, Louis Vuitton notes how the garments and accessories in its Fall/Winter 2022 collection showcase “an instinct for clothing devoid of convention. A special moment that belongs to the formative years, the ones that forge character.”

This essence of young adulthood was channeled through styling tricks that revel in experimentation, where large knit sweaters were tied around the waists of models donning billowy evening dresses. The brand’s global ambassador, Hoyeon Jung, made her return to the runway by opening the show in a brown leather aviator paired with wide leg pants, a smart Oxford shirt and a Hawaiian print tie. The looks that followed aligned flawlessly, offering Nicolas Ghesquière’s take on androgynous tailoring and oversized silhouettes with touches of floral and graphic prints. Elsewhere in the collection, images from photographer David Sims’s prolific ‘90s portfolio were emblazoned on garments, harkening back to an age of innocence.

Ghesquière wishes for this collection to “keep the unresolved poetry of adolescence like a flawless garment–in all its vivid romanticism, inspiring idealism, hope for the future, for a better world, and its dreams of perfection.”

View the gallery for a look at the Fall/Winter 2022 collection.