Louis Vuitton’s GO-14 Handbag Is A Journey Through Time and Innovation

In a captivating fusion of history and forward-thinking design, luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton is set to reintroduce a timeless icon to its leather goods collection – the GO-14 handbag. Originally unveiled during the Spring-Summer 2015 show by Nicolas Ghesquière, the GO-14 handbag reemerges in the Fall-Winter 2023 runway collection, adorned with a revolutionary technique known as malletage. This method, reminiscent of the interior of Louis Vuitton’s iconic trunks, adds a futuristic allure to the already iconic piece. The Malletage Satin animation, achieved through meticulous handcrafted work, accentuates the Maison’s avant-gardist philosophy, a continuous pursuit of innovation in material and design.

Cate Blanchett wears the GO-14 bag in white.

At the heart of the GO-14’s resurrection lies a tale of intertwined passions – from the designer’s inspiration to the trunk-maker’s secrets, and the artisan’s ingenuity. This bag, both a commencement and a culmination, embodies the Maison’s heritage and modernity.

Available in an array of shades, from stark black and white to nuanced, toasted tones, the GO-14 embodies versatility that matches the diverse moods of every modern woman. This remarkable piece can be worn in various ways, adapting to different occasions – over the shoulder with a supple jewel chain, on the arm, handheld, or even as a classic carry with its dedicated handle. The bag’s exquisite detailing and design create a timeless allure that effortlessly resonates with sophistication.

GO-14 MM Malletage Toasté in tan lambskin. Photography by Peter Langer.

The GO-14 handbag’s revival is a tribute to Louis Vuitton’s enduring legacy, capturing the spirit of the past while embracing the promise of the future.

GO-14 from Louis Vuitton is available from August 25th, 2023.