Louis Vuitton Debuts Blossom Fine Jewellery Collection

The latest testament to Louis Vuitton‘s stellar fine jewellery line up is the Blossom Collection. Building on the success of previous releases like Idylle Blossom in 2012 and Color Blossom in 2016, this collection pays homage to the Maison’s iconic Monogram Flower. Brought to life by Francesca Amfitheatrof, Artistic Director of Watches & Jewellery, LV Blossom introduces daring designs and organic outlines, offering 11 versatile pieces in 18k rose gold this August, followed by 18k white gold in October.

From delicate rings to audacious hoops, every piece celebrates self-expression and empowers wearers to curate a range of looks for different moments and moods. Experience the fusion of elegance and innovation with LV Blossom – where jewellery becomes artistry, and imagination knows no bounds.

View the collection in greater detail through the gallery below.