An Upclose Look at FENDI’s Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

Kim Jones continues to showcase his creative ingenuity at the helm of FENDI with his Spring/Summer 2022 outing. The collection cascaded down the runway in a white-to-black progression, with an interlude of looks featuring illustrations by artist Antonio Lopez in between. A nod to disco aesthetics is evident in subtle shimmer, fringe, femme prints, and fantastic footwear, similar stylings that Lopez would have witnessed during his various nights spent at the legendary Studio 54. Notable accessories include beautifully illustrated bags, new iterations of the FENDI First heeled shoe, plexiglass hoops, and pops of bright colour combinations, showcasing an essence of femininity. Monochrome suits, flowy dresses, and statement jackets attest to the spirit and energy of women such as Bianca Jagger and Grace Jones as they would shimmy on the dance floor and exude a seductive confidence that this collection captures.

View the gallery for our top looks, and close-up details of the FENDI Spring Summer 2022 collection.