If waiting more than a year to move into a new home—selecting an agent, scouting a location, hiring an architect for renovations, and choosing an interior designer—sounds like a drawn-out inconvenience to you, then Gerard Faivre is your answer.

Avenue Bosquet

The Parisian jack-of-all-trades combines his expertise in architecture, interior design, and real estate to create and sell luxurious apartments that are all ready to move into upon purchase. Foreign clients are especially attracted to the convenience and speed of the process, but locals can’t resist his exclusively-designed apartments either. His concept is to create homes that are harmoniously designed in structure and interior that can be invested in as works of art. His company name, Art Homes, was clearly meant to be taken literally.

Fifteen years ago, Faivre moved to Provence and fell in love with the area. He renovated his first home there, and when a neighbour complimented him on the quick turnaround of its eventual sale (and asking repeatedly to purchase it himself, as is, furniture and all), Faivre was inspired to launch his brand. “He believed I had given it a soul,” remembers Faivre.

Avenue Bosquet2

Faivre’s apartments are created with attention to all details. He renovates the apartment—which is often old and run-down, yet full of character—and fully finishes them with furniture, décor, art. “[The homes] also come equipped with the best technology,”  he says, which include top-notch electronics and home automation equipment. Faivre collaborates with painters, sculptors, photographers, furniture designers and other creatives to build his Art Homes, he says. “[The homes] are immediately habitable.”


Faivre aims to give each interior he designs a distinct character that feels in tune with the neighbourhood and the apartment building’s history, using seamless mixing and matching of modern and vintage pieces that create a blend of old-world charm and modern functionality. Each unit is designed with a unique style, ensuring styles to suit every client’s needs. “I invest myself personally in each project as though I am renovating my own house,” says Faivre. “I express all my creativity into the living spaces.”

Pierre 1er de Serbie

For details, visit gerardfaivreparis.com.