Women’s History Month: In Conversation With Reetu Gupta

Today, we commence our annual month-long series dedicated to spotlighting the remarkable achievements of trailblazing women. To start, we shine a light on Reetu Gupta, the Ambassadress of The Gupta Group, whose influence spans the realms of real estate and hospitality. Gupta’s insights provide a powerful glimpse into the shifting landscape of these industries, particularly regarding opportunities for women entrepreneurs and leaders.

As a prominent figure in both real estate and hospitality, how do you see the future of these industries evolving, in terms of opportunities for female entrepreneurs and leaders?

“We have come a very long way! Two decades ago, in hospitality you saw very few women and if that, only in admin positions. In real estate, it was almost zero. Today, within our company, The Gupta Group, we see over 60% of managerial positions filled by those who identify as female. In real estate, you are also seeing exec positions filled by women. It is up to the women who carry these positions, to light the way for others and support others! In my opinion, it is our responsibility to ensure these opportunities continue for others.”

How do you see your journey breaking barriers and inspiring other women to pursue leadership roles in traditionally male-dominated industries?

“The journey was tough, but it made me who I am today. All of the women before me who broke barriers paved the way and made it easier for me. All the women who fought for the right to even have women vote made my life easier today. In turn, I feel now it is my responsibility to pave the way for others by supporting others.”

What specific experiences in your career or personal life have made you feel the most empowered?

“The feeling of empowerment must come from within. If we look to others to give us power, if we look to situations to go a certain way for us to feel empowered, when those people leave, or when situations change, our sense of power goes along with it. Empowerment has to come from within, no matter what you are dealing with. And it has to be with you every day.”

Have you been influenced by any significant female figures in your life?

“My mother is the one who taught me how to be confident, how to have courage and has always supported me. She is my strength, my best friend, and my motivation.”

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

“International Women’s Day is more than just a day to support women. This day is about a movement, a shift in our society where we embrace all—people of all identities, of all colours, and beliefs. Today is a reminder that we need to have love for everyone and stand united in love and with love. You are this shift. You are the one who can shift a generation. The light is within you, all you have to do is allow it to shine so bright that it reaches everyone around you! Be the change the world needs. Be Love. Be You.”

Photography courtesy of The Gupta Group.