Meredith Shaw On the Power of Positivity

Canadian television and radio personality Meredith Shaw is not just breaking down barriers—she’s reshaping the narrative. As a fierce advocate for body positivity, she continues to underline the growing importance of visibility within the fashion industry, as showcased through her collaboration with designer Tanya Taylor, a label that brings confidence and inclusive silhouettes to women’s wardrobes. In a candid conversation with S/, Shaw speaks about her broadcasting journey, love, and the pursuit of positivity, offering valuable advice for those seeking a brighter, more uplifting path.

You studied opera and theatre arts at university and started as a singer-songwriter. Is music still an important part of your life?

“Music is something I connected with very early on in life and has truly led me to everything I’m doing now. When you follow what you love, life seems to put good things in your path, and I’m very grateful for the role music continues to play in my life. It’s an immediate mood boost, a true creator of community, and even though I’m not actively writing, recording and touring at the moment, music still holds a very special place in my heart.”

How did you get your start in broadcasting? Was this always the career path you wanted to pursue?

“My start in broadcasting was definitely not a traditional one. It all started with good ol’ Google! I googled how to host a radio show, and then a website popped up with all the current radio job openings across Canada. I applied and got the gig at Boom 97.3 in Toronto. My strategy was to say yes to everything and learn as much as possible. That led me to Chum 104.5, The Social, The Marilyn Denis Show, eTalk, Your Morning and ultimately my new current position as CoHost of Canada’s #1 Morning Show, Breakfast Television. The takeaway here is that if you have an instinct to pursue something, follow it. Even if you can’t see your way to the end, don’t wait to have all of the answers. Just start, and the rest will make sense.”

As an advocate for body positivity, what strides do you feel the fashion industry has made to
create a more inclusive space? And in what ways do you feel the industry still needs to

“The best thing that has come out of this movement is that more voices are now being heard. Brands are listening, and changes are being made because there is economic proof that if you lead with inclusivity, not exclusivity, you make more money. Bottom line. Unfortunately, the fashion industry has been built on decades of the idea that ‘you are not enough, buy this and you will be better’ so there will always be an underlying issue tieing what we look like to our worth. We need to keep using our voices to hold brands accountable for the sizing they make and don’t make and the ways in which their clothes are made – pushing for inclusivity and sustainability.”

You continue to use your platform to advocate and spread awareness for body positivity and
inclusivity. Was there a turning point for you when you realized it was important to speak
out for better practices and visibility?

“To me, it’s about showing up honestly and speaking my truth even when it’s tough because it allows other people to show up and be themselves (and I’m obsessed with being a part of that domino effect). I love fashion because it doesn’t have much to do with the clothes themselves and has everything to do with the life we live in the clothes. Style is access to the possibility of who you are, so when brands don’t make the size, they aren’t denying someone an outfit—they are denying someone a first date, a job interview, a possibility. Make the damn size.”

This past September, you celebrated a big career milestone as the new host of Breakfast Television. What does this new role mean to you?

“Breakfast Television is a dream job. I have watched this show for years and still can’t believe I get to wake up the country every day. The team is incredible, my co host Sid Seixero is the best of the best and I love that we get to have fun, be honest, and talk about everything affecting Canadians. I am truly honoured to be in this position, and I promise to steer this show with all the love the audience so clearly has for it. The welcome has been unreal, and I’m so grateful.”

How do you use fashion to empower you?

“Don’t attach your worth to what you look like, have fun with fashion—that’s when it starts to feel empowering. I think people take it too seriously or think they don’t know enough about it, yes you do! You know what you like, lean into that. If you open up your closet and feel any ounce of shame? Donate those items, you own that real estate, make friends with your closet.”

When do you feel your best?

“When I’m around my fiance Rodney Bowers. I don’t care where we are or what I wear—as long as he’s around, I’m at my best because he sees the best in me.”

What advice do you have for those looking to lead a more positive life?

“I think we are really hard on ourselves, which leads us into many negative spirals. Give yourself some grace. You’re a good person, doing your best, and that’s perfectly okay. I have found, too, that when you give yourself grace, you are more likely to do the same for others, which will improve your relationships. PS: If you need a good start to your day, and need a blast of daily positivity, join us on Breakfast Television on CityTV.”

Tanya Taylor x Meredith Shaw photograped by Erin Leydon.