Spring is Looking Very Pink, Instagram Celebrates 6 Years with New Digs, and More

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This is The S/ List.

1. A new study suggests your birth control could be getting you down.

“If you’ve ever thought that your birth control might be messing with your mood, you may be right: The pill and other types of hormonal contraception may increase the risk of depression, suggests a Danish study of more than 1 million women and teenage girls.”

2. Gray Malin, a photographer known for his aerial shots, makes for an peculiar interior designer.

“Photographer Gray Malin is reconsidering the way we traditionally experience design objects through his latest series ‘Art of Living’. In the pristine turquoise waters of French Polynesia, Malin has conceptualized an iconic selection of mid-century modern furniture set atop a reflective mirrored platform — refracting an abstract tableau of both the pieces, and the surrounding landscape.”

3. If you’re thinking pink, you’re not alone.

“Just when we thought the color pink was already ubiquitous in the fashion branding world, this past fashion month has solidified its continued omnipresence through spring 2017.”

4. Coveteur.com is coming to a coffee table near you.

“If you’ve long turned to coveteur.com for a glimpse inside the closets of the globe’s most fabulous, you’re not alone. And now the Canadian-bred website, which has become synonymous with ‘inside information,’ is immortalizing its content in the form of a coffee table book.”

5. Instagram quite possibly has the world’s coolest office.

“The 400-plus strong Instagram team just moved into some new digs of its own down the street from Facebook (its parent company)’s offices in Menlo Park, California. The office is, as you would expect, totally Instagram-worthy.”