Samsung Is Putting the Smart in Smartphone

Can your phone handle life in the 2020s? If you’re regularly faced with spinning buffering wheels, pixelated photos, and lackluster video quality, the answer is probably not. These (and a bunch of other 2010s-era tech woes) are all things of the past, however, thanks to Samsung’s new Galaxy S20—a pioneer of intelligent design. The Next Generation of Galaxy is here and these are just a few examples of how it’s making life easier in the new decade.


This phone of the future is built for connecting on the go. Whether you’re sharing the panoramic ocean views from your idyllic vacation, or simply watching the latest Netflix series in the airport lounge on the phone’s 6.7″ Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O Display, Samsung’s GalaxyS20 offers seamless HyperFast speeds for uploads, downloads, and streaming thanks to its built-in 5G modem.


The 2020 Samsung Galaxy S20 is designed around a revolutionary camera that helps you capture everything in your life in stunning detail. Foremost is its 8K video camera, making crystal-clear video and vivid photos possible without flash using Bright Night. What’s more, you can choose your favourite moment from an 8K video and instantly turn it into a 33MP image ready to be cropped, enlarged, or printed, allowing for creativity and thoughtful curation to ensue.


Previous generations of phones would have you choose between shooting photos or video, and risk missing important moments in the process. The Samsung Galaxy S20 lets you do both at once, allowing you to shoot, direct, and produce on the go. With Single Take, creating GIFs, videos, and images at once with the touch of a button is a seamless process. Using the new Galaxy’s Ultra-wide camera and Wide camera, you get simultaneous photo and video capture up to 10 seconds, and even video effects like time-lapse and reverse. No more scrolling through dozens of takes, either, thanks to the phone’s advanced AI, which offers a concise portfolio of recommended images and video clips. Crafting digital works of art has never felt so accessible. 


The Samsung Galaxy S20 is unrivaled in its ability to capture images from a distance, thanks to an astounding 108MP camera (available in the Ultra 5G model). A massive leap forward in both resolution and zoom for mobile photography, it uses Space Zoom—a combination of Hybrid Optic Zoom and AI-powered Super Resolution Zoom—to get you closer to your subjects than ever before while maintaining incredibly crisp image definition. Pixel-heavy images will become a distant memory. 

Images courtesy of Samsung Canada.