Introducing the Range Rover Evoque

Swerving through the stunning snow-covered mountaintops of the French Alps, winter feels more like an Instagram filter than an actual season. Everything in this romantic-sounding location is as picturesque as you’d imagine, and while the snow makes for a beautiful setting, there’s no cold front that comes with it. This might just be the most perfect place on earth to test-drive the new Range Rover Evoque convertible, which is exactly what I’m here to do. And yes, you read that right—I said convertible.

Range Rover Evoque

I’ve come to the chicly rustic region of Saint-Bon-Tarentaise, France, for the experience of a lifetime. I’m staying at the L’Apogée Courchevel, a luxurious five-star hotel and ski resort that backs on to the Alps themselves. Instead of having me drive the Evoque in circles around a course, Range Rover has arranged an incredible ride filled with breathtaking views of the Alps and local vineyards.

With its rounded body, the Evoque looks like the big sister of a Volkswagen Bug.  While it can look feminine and delicate on the outside (especially if you opt for the striking burnt orange shade), the interior is nothing if not the strong, silent type. Luxurious leather, clean lines and an incredibly intuitive infotainment system make you feel as if you’re in one of the brand’s spacious SUVs. And that extends to the limitless head-room you’ll acquire when the top is down.

As only a Canadian can, I immediately question the intention of a four-season convertible; a vehicle associated with warm weather and road trips that end at a beach. But as the Evoque sails through the winding roads and handles its way over snowdrifts, I find myself loving the idea of a topless winter vehicle. Especially when it’s equipped with balmy seat warmers and a heated steering wheel. My jacket comes off, and the crisp wind is in my hair.

The morning of our big off-roading adventure is met with cloudy grey skies, but the novelty of the experience has us reluctant to put up the top. For the sake of an all-angle experience, we did it anyways. The roof is actually quite quick and efficient to get into place. And once it’s up, the hum of the road is comfortably kept mum. Once we climb the nearest mountain to get to our perfectly powdered obstacle course, the sky has cleared into a crisp blue. The Evoque stuns even the biggest disbelievers by how powerfully and easily it takes on deep snow tufts and icy ascents.

It’s nice to know that this is one convertible that won’t need to be left behind when you’re headed to a winter cabin. And wouldn’t you know it? The Evoque convertible has a special compartment for skis.

Range Rover Evoque