Meet Dyson’s Latest Air Purifier

Last month, Dyson unveiled the latest air purifier to join their growing wellness category. The upgraded Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™is ideal for year-round air quality control, featuring an improved filtering system, new LCD screen, as well as the ability to oscillate 350 degrees, as opposed to 90 degrees in previous iterations. Here, David Hill, Senior Design Engineer at Dyson, gives us the low-down on why the company’s latest launch is a game-changer for everyday wellness.

What are some of the impurities that are active inside the house, as well as the workplace?

“There are a plethora of air pollutants that can accumulate in the home and in the workplace. Most common is dust when it builds up over time on surfaces like office desks or countertops, pet hair on carpets, build-up of mould in damp environments, or pollen that is drawn in through open windows—these can also trigger allergic reactions. What many Canadians do not realize is that most indoor pollutants are invisible to the human eye. Fumes such as formaldehyde can be released from new furniture, and everyday products such as cleaning solvents can contain benzene and other volatile compounds that are potentially harmful to breathe in.”

How does the new Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ improve air quality? 

“The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™can sense pollutants in real time and works to automatically capture them, and project cleaner air around the room. The machine’s 360° sealed HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particle pollution as small as 0.3 microns, including allergens, bacteria, pollen, and mould spores. Activated carbon filters remove gases including NO2, formaldehyde, and benzene. Once the pollutant is captured, the machine then projects hot or cool air around the room.”

What is the most exciting development in this version?

“The most exciting development is the new LCD screen. It will allow users to see the room temperature, and which particles and gases the machine is automatically detecting in the air. Canadians will become more educated about indoor air quality in general, what pollutants are in their home, and what is causing the pollution event.”

Why is an air purifier such an important part of everyday wellness?

“Adults spend approximately 90% of our time indoors and inhale around 7-8 litres of air every minute, so we should pay increasing attention to what’s happening in the home, how it impacts our wellbeing, and how we can create a better indoor environment. With urban pollution increasing globally and more airtight modern homes being built, using design and engineering to tackle air pollution will start to be an important factor for an overall healthy home.”

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