Jennifer Anniston is Pissed, Ryan Gosling Can Sing, and More

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This is the S/ List.

1. Jennifer Anniston is fed up.

“The objectification and scrutiny we put women through is absurd and disturbing.”

2. Brandon Maxwell’s major first year continues with this first campaign.

“On Wednesday, Maxwell demonstrated yet again that he’s not your average emerging brand by revealing his first ever advertising campaign, shot by the designer himself at the Standard Hotel in New York.”

3. Pierre Hardy and Hermès are “strengthening ties.”

“As for the role Hermès will play in growing his brand, Mr. Hardy said it would be mostly to “support and advise.” “It will be kind of like having a father,” he said.”

4. Theresa May’s style is more popular than her policies.

“The future of Britain may be up in the air, but at least there’ll be one constant over the next Prime Minister’s term: interesting footwear.”

5. Apparently, Ryan Gosling can sing.

“The picture is something of a rarity in that it’s an original live-action musical.”