Visit the Indigo Pearl for a Traditional Thai Experience

If you’re seeking a luxurious spot for your next getaway, look no further. The Indigo Pearl offers a flawless blend of modern and sophisticated lodgings, with a surrounding landscape so stunning that you will want to cancel your return flight home. This boutique retreat is made up of a series of suites and villas dotting the coastline of the Yang Beach on the island of Phuket, Thailand. Ahead, the sea expands infinitely, while behind, endless tropical gardens and lush rainforests rustle in the breeze.

Recreational offerings range from yoga, pilates, painting and floral-arranging workshops, to less familiar activities like Tai Chi Chuan and Muay Thai boxing. The highlight, however, has to be the wellness centre. Traditional Thai treatments take place in “nest” pods that are suspended mid-air. Guests enter the nests via a a hanging bridge, where they receive treatments from qualified therapists under vichy showers. The spa seeks to provide a holistic experience for guests amidst the peaceful, natural environment.

Bill Bensley, an American designer with a well-traveled portfolio, created sophisticated interiors that both honour Thailand’s traditions and provide a fresh and up-to-date appeal. There are many suite options—each with its own unique charm—ranging from ones with private pools, courtyards, and gardens. Whichever suite you choose, Indigo Peal guarantees total privacy and a full team of staff, including a private butler—in addition to your private cocktail butler—a florist, a therapist, and an executive sous chef if you decide to dine in your room.

One of the several gastronomic hotspots on the Indigo Pearl grounds is Black Ginger, where they serve traditional Siam flavours, and expert mixologists are there to make sure you have a drink to match your dish. Fresh seafood, curries and locally-sourced greens are some of the items that might be served. The restaurant is situated in an arched-roof sala—a common Thai pavilion structure—that can be accessed by a rope-pulled raft. Beneath the sala is a luminescent lagoon—you really can’t escape nature at this retreat, nor will you want to.

For more information and bookings, visit their website.

Images courtesy of Indigo Pearl.