Carmen Tal’s Take On Morocco

Carmen Tal
Carmen Tal

The Moroccanoil founder first discovered the North African country’s rich and diverse culture when she moved to Montreal–with its large Moroccan community–from her native Chile 30 years ago. Many years later, in 2006, after an unfortunate hair colour catastrophe while travelling left her hair badly damaged, Tal was introduced to the beloved Moroccan beauty elixir, argan oil, which magically brought her hair back to life. Tal brought the famed “liquid gold” back to Canada and started an argan revolution with Moroccanoil, and a love affair with the country was born. Here, Tal shares her favourite experiences and must-see spots in this traveller’s paradise.


Marrakesh is one of my favourite cities to visit—wherever you go, the colours, the sky, the intoxicating scents, the people and natural elements you are surrounded by—there is just something in the air that inspires you. It’s a place where you can get back to the basics, recharge, and gain inspiration. The Beldi Country Club, with its expansive grounds and surrounding nature and landscape, is unbelievably gorgeous. The Beldi also has the most beautiful rose and herb garden—I’ve always been inspired by the wild roses and flowers of the Mediterranean.

Jardin Majorelle
Jardin Majorelle


At the souk, you can find everything you are looking for—there are so many handmade treasures to discover. I came back with the most beautiful Moroccan blanket and glassware I found there. I love to bring home unique items from my travels that you can’t find anywhere else. If you are looking for a more peaceful and serene place to shop, The Souk by Beldi also has great shopping in a garden oasis, with handmade glassware, Moroccan rugs, pillows, pottery, and an amazing bakery.


If you want to indulge, stay at La Mamounia in Marrakesh—it’s a luxurious oasis that is truly breathtaking. The detail of the architecture and the grounds of the hotel are absolutely stunning, and the service is exceptional. The spa at La Mamounia is also fantastic—it’s so gorgeous and the treatments are phenomenal. If you’re looking for a more authentic Moroccan experience, but still just as magical, stay at The Beldi—it’s also a hotel, and has so much natural beauty to explore.

La Mamounia


Morocco is a very exotic part of the Mediterranean, and I have always striven to capture the essence of the Mediterranean’s luxurious sea, sands, breeze, and fragrances. Morocco’s architecture is also not to be missed; everything is so inspiring. Essaouirais must-see town by the sea: the old architecture and fortified walls from the 18th century are incredibly beautiful and transport you back in time. The Majorelle Garden, an enchanting botanical oasis and villa in the middle of Marrakesh, is another must-see spot. The garden was created by landscape painter and amateur botanist Jacques Majorelle in the 1930s. The colours are so vibrant, and there are tiles there that are typical of Morocco—they’re incredibly detailed and breathtaking.


The food in Morocco is incredible. The figs and watermelon are truly the best I have ever tasted—I’ve yet to find anything quite like it. Le Marocain, a Moroccan restaurant at La Mamounia, is one of my favourites—the setting is so beautiful and the flavours so delicious. I also especially love Le Palmier Fou at The Beldi for the most authentic and delicious Moroccan meal, with all of its unique flavours and spices. Le Restaurant at La Maison Arabe is my favourite restaurant in Marrakesh. I love indulging in a traditional tajine as well as couscous and mint tea.

Beldi Country Club