Cadillac House Is Selling More Than Just Cars

Cadillac is on a mission to redefine everything you know about car shopping and the brand itself.

With the launch of Cadillac House in New York City’s SoHo district, the automotive powerhouse has created an immersive experience that puts the consumer before the vehicles. And if you’ve ever been subject to the abrasive techniques of cars salespeople (used or not), you will surely appreciate the fact that the first floor of Cadillac House serves as anything but a sales floor.

It does, however, serve as a café, working space, art gallery, and a pop-up shop for fashion designers. It’s this multifaceted collaboration that is perhaps most interesting. New York-based Joe Coffee is the in-house caffeine provider, the publication Visionaire is heading the intersection of arts and culture, and the CFDA has created a competitive program for only the most innovative fashion designers. Of course, amongst all of this is a handful of new and vintage Cadillacs tastefully displayed.

Designed by the purveyors of modernization, Gensler, the space is beyond sleek and truly transformative considering the robust vehicles blend seamlessly with the minimal surroundings. And while this is not the world’s first concept store, it certainly reflects a notable shift in the luxury industry as brands strive to develop deeper connections with their current – and prospective – clientele. Only a few weeks prior, The Row opened the doors to their townhouse, a sprawling locale for guests to explore.

So, you might not be in the market for a new ride this very moment, but a visit to this progressive location is a definite must.

Cadillac house

Images courtesy of GM