A New CoverBoy, a Different Kind of Cloud, and More

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This is The S/ List.

1. CoverGirl has just named James Charles as their first-ever male brand ambassador. And he’s only 17.

“In addition to having racked up 426,000 followers on Instagram and more than 70,000 on YouTube, the 17-year-old (!) self-described ‘aspiring makeup artist from New York,’ (according to his Instagram bio) can now add CoverGirl contract to his list of accomplishments.”

2. Peter Dundas’ exit from Roberto Cavalli was just the first shake-up for the house.

“Just hours after the news that creative director Peter Dundas is leaving Roberto Cavalli after only 19 months at the brand, chief executive officer Gian Giacomo Ferraris has announced a radical and comprehensive reorganisation of the entire company.”

3. The internet is (rightfully) outraged by a Kim Kardashian West robbery-inspired costume.

“The Internet is not happy with Costumeish, a company currently selling a Halloween costume that looks a lot like reality star Kim Kardashian as a robbery victim.”

4. Actress and activist Shailene Woodley was arrested during a protest in North Dakota.

“Woodley was arrested Monday while participating in a protest against the construction of the controversial pipeline in Bismarck, North Dakota. She was released later that day, the star’s rep confirmed PEOPLE.”

5. A recent design collaboration has created the world’s most fascinating speaker.

“Richard Clarkson Studio and Crealev have collaborated to create a levitating storm cloud that doubles as a bluetooth speaker. The cumulus-shaped puff autonomously hovers above a reflective oval base, which is embedded with magnetic components that allow the cloud to float 1-2 inches from its surface. While the base itself must remain plugged in, a rechargeable lithium ion battery powers the cloud and enables a completely wireless and unobstructed levitation while in use.”