Pillow Talk: Unique Throw Pillows To Accessorize Your Home

The key to a well-dressed space doesn’t solely revolve around an item’s functionality but rather its look. The perfect throw pillow can make a powerful interior statement, whether you aim to infuse coziness or elevate the ambiance. Below, you’ll find a variety of accessories available in different shapes, sizes, patterns, and colours, providing a simple and effective way to introduce vibrant hues and appealing textures into your home.

Circus Stripe Bolster Pillow, Verloop, $81.

Strom Cushion, Hem, $159.

Harvest Topographic Cushion, Luna Del Pinal, SSENSE, $620.

Jude Pillow, Ludlow and Veh, $340.

Jones Cushion, Saunders, SSENSE, $600.

Ere Pillow, Yinka Ilori, Design Within Reach, $275.

Baby Neon Crush Cushion, SSENSE, $130.

Feature image courtesy of Erica Shamrock Textiles.