S/ Was There: Gohar World Launches First Tableware Collection in Grand Style

Nadia and Laila Gohar have joined forces to release a collection of modern tableware for the adventurous dweller entitled Gohar World. Honouring tradition and craft with a healthy dose of wit, the designs are guided by the principle that setting a table should contain the same amount of consideration as dressing oneself.

Photo by Roe Ethridge

The debut collection features surrealist aesthetics that includes a carrying bag for baguettes fashioned from silk satin, pearled hats to sit atop wine glasses, sausage and cauliflower shaped candles, and aprons with lace hands.

Photo by Roe Ethridge

Each piece is designed in New York and manufactured abroad in family-owned ateliers to preserve traditional techniques. A vast majority of linens used in the designs are made in Egypt in the Gohar family’s own ateliers, while every satin bow seen throughout the collection is handstitched by Nadia and Laila’s mother, Nabila.

Photo by Roe Ethridge

To fête the release of this new endeavour, a launch party was held in New York at the Rockefeller Center Loft and Garden, with attendees getting a special look at a selection of Gohar World’s fineries, along with a surprise live musical performance by Sister Nancy and a DJ set by Mark Ronson featuring a rousing selection of hits.

View the gallery to explore the Gohar World launch party: