Fogo Island Inn Celebrates its 10th Anniversary With Pop-Up Experience in Toronto

Fogo Island Inn is celebrating its 10th anniversary in Toronto with its first pop-up experience in partnership with Fogo Island Workshops, Fogo Island Fish, Shorefast Charity, and The Lobby by Heaps Estrin. Located at The Lobby on the corner of Yonge Street and MacPherson Avenue, the immersive pop-up is open to the public until May 9th, and features art, furniture, accessories, textiles, and knits from local and international vendors. Fogo Island Inn and its partners retain the goal of supporting, investing, and honouring the local community of the island, regenerating wealth, and supporting the ethical production of art, seeking to preserve the economic and cultural integrity of the island. 

Interactive events such as “Meet the Maker”, led by Fogo Island Workshops Vice President, Michael Murphy, which will dive into the history and methodology of what is produced at the pop-up event. Fogo Island Fish will also host “Punt Box Boil Up” on March 29th, and offer fresh fish and seafood by chef Taylor McMeekin. The event will work together with Shorefast, a charity founded in 2004 by Fogo Islanders devoted to the preservation of the island’s heritage.

View the gallery for an inside look, and visit 1120 Yonge Street from now until May 9th.

Photos courtesy of Fogo Island Inn At The Lobby by Heaps Estrin: photographed by Christopher Liando.