Aesop Expands Its Home Category with New Aromatique Scents and Incense Holder

Aesop’s new Bronze Incense Holder catches fluttering ashes with poise while their 3 new Aromatique Incense aromas gently fill any space with delicate blends of fragrance.

The brand’s new Bronze Incense Holder and Aromatique Incense are the perfect addition to any modern space. Crafted in Germany and cast from solid bronze, the holder catches falling ash as oxidation paints a unique pattern on each holder over time. Best paired with Aesop’s new Aromatique Incense, the new range can be used to fill a space with serene and calming aromas.

Available in Murasaki, Kagerou, and Sarashina, each scent is crafted using traditional blending techniques paired with modern equipment. Murasaki offers the warm rich aroma of spices and smoky woods. Kagerou is earthier with notes of igusa and sandalwood. Sarashina releases the warm comforting aromas of clove, sandalwood, and cinnamon.

The collection is available in store and online at aesop.com.