Delicious Instagram Recipes To Try This Month

As we head into the long weekend, it’s time to revisit your pantry and get creative in the kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a healthier way to bake a childhood favourite snack or want to get over your anxiety of making lasagna, these recipes are sure to arm you with confidence and inspiration.

Healthy With A Side of Indulgence

Chef Anthony Rose‘s roasted whole cauliflower is a refreshing and quick dish to try at home that feels both guilt-free and satisfying. Requiring only a few ingredients, the fragrant mix of herbs and fresh pomegranate make this recipe a must-have.

Sweet Nostalgia

We can always count on pastry chef and Bon Appétit regular Claire Saffitz to put her gourmet spin on nostalgic favourites. In one of her latest recipes, Saffitz reimagines childhood favourite, Pop-Tarts. Adding more depth to the popular breakfast and snack item, Saffitz version includes fresh strawberry jam, flakier dough, and DIY sprinkles.  

Crazy For Lasagna

SALT, FAT, ACID, HEAT‘s Samin Nosrat is on a mission to lessen the anxiety around making lasagna with her #TheBigLasagna challenge. Taking fans through every step of the process, Nosrat is inspiring everyone to make lasagna from scratch. While this warm and hearty recipe is best shared, it also grants great leftovers if you don’t have someone to share it with during this time.

Seeing Green

Chef Paul Lillakas is continuing his Instagram series, Cooking With What You’ve Got, with his tasty charred zucchini and wild leek dish. This recipe is quick and nutritious, and can be served as a main, side or appetizer.

For The Love of Potatoes

Chef Ludovic Lefebvre’s potato cake is not only beautiful but delicious. This straightforward recipe only contains three ingredients but requires precision to ensure the layers are even. As long as you have potatoes, butter and salt around, this potato cake will be delightful for even the pickiest of eaters. 

Feature image by Claire Saffitz.