Valérie Messika on Kate Moss’s latest High Jewellery collection with Messika Paris


Valérie Messika, the mastermind behind Messika Paris, has been crafting flamboyant yet pragmatic jewellery for over a decade. Her particular aesthetic favours eye-catching and versatile configurations that eschew traditionalism, focusing on women with a flair for making a statement. Encompassing a wide variety of fineries, Messika has made it her rule of thumb to allow each of her designs to assimilate into a client’s lifestyle seamlessly.

In the next chapter of creative collaborations, Messika Paris has once again tapped legendary model and transcendent style icon Kate Moss to design the second instalment of its highly covetable High Jewelry collection. The latest pieces glean inspiration from Moss’s personal repertoire of high jewellery, which are reimagined through the Maison’s deft handiwork and considered artistry. S/ recently spoke with Valérie Messika about the impetus behind this successful partnership, hero pieces to keep an eye out for, and how the Maison differentiates itself from other jewellers.

How do you feel this collection builds on your creative partnership with Kate Moss?

“We had a lot fun working together while creating this collection. We had a few meetings between our offices in London and Paris, as well as her house. Every step in creating this collection was done hand-in-hand, starting from building the mood boards, making the wax molds, to crafting the final pieces. I enjoyed seeing how curious and involved she was throughout every step of the process. As you might imagine, she is quite particular, which was fun to see because I am very similar with jewellery design as well.”

What influences and inspirations were integral when creating these new pieces?

“For the first Opus Collection, I saw it as an expedition through Kate Moss’s jewellery box—her style intricately instilled through a Messika Paris high jewellery collection. Colour, XXL motifs, large decorative head pieces across Aztec culture, and Art Deco styles inspired were big inspirations. A universe, which at first seemed far from Messika Paris jewellery, presented an exciting challenge. It was also imperative for Kate and I to create jewellery that embodied both of us, and out of this came a new concept we call ‘relaxed luxury.’”

“For the second Opus Collection, the creative process was the easiest part, as I already knew what Kate loves, alongside inspirations from her personal collection. This allowed us to create new pieces and keep the same spirit from the first collection.”

Can you explain the savoir-faire of the collection and Maison?

“It was important for me that each jewell reflected the design and the techniques of the Messika Paris House. My team and I had to be innovative and daring to bring forth the collection. The movement of stones, the fluidity of lines, the flexibility of the jewells and the audacity of wearing them—nothing is left behind. It was in the heart of Paris in Messika’s Haute Joaillerie Atelier that the magic happened.”

What are some hero pieces that will sure catch the Messika customer’s eye?

“This collection is comprised of bold and colourful jewells. We played with textures and contrasts between gold and precious metals. The head jewells are the must-have pieces from the second Opus Collection, including the Released Sun head jewell—with its 17 pear-cut diamonds—or the Liberated Spirit earcuff, which embodies the ‘néo-porté’ signature style. The Colour Play turquoise necklace is also one of the most eye-catching pieces that I truly adore!”

How does your personal design ethos align with Kate Moss’s?

“To me, Kate Moss is one of the most inspiring women in the world—she is a real icon. She perfectly embodies Messika’s values, and is a free spirit who does not follow the rules. But most of all, she is a chameleon embodying a bohemian, rock ‘n’ roll, and sexy archetype that in uniquely her own.”

What kind of customer will these items appeal to?

“This collection is made for customers looking for originality, but also fashionable and strong pieces.”

What makes Messika a unique jewellery Maison?

“When I created Messika, I wanted to desacralize the idea of diamonds being untouchable, to make them more contemporary, to give them a younger and cooler look. We manage to make Messika’s pieces affordable and most importantly, a part of everyday life.”

“My goal is to create a new way of wearing jewellery, giving diamond pieces an everyday appeal. Messika’s designs are high range, precious and delicate, associated with this cool and ‘very quick’ aspect that updates the traditional image of the diamond. This is what is differentiates Messika, having brought modernity into a traditional and ancestral profession.”

Valérie Messika & Kate Moss by Chris Colls