The Suzanne Rogers Fashion Institute Fellows at London Fashion Week

Three talented fellows from The Suzanne Rogers Fashion Institute have been studying in London and got the chance to showcase their individual designs at London Fashion Week. Alexandra Armata, a student at Central Saint Martins, presented her CSM MA Collection, described as “Soviet-era Polish fashion through the eyes of its foreign descendent.” The collection was formed through her family archives, which helped in the unveiling of her identity and showcasing memories rooted in the nostalgia of immigrant culture.

Olivia Rubens, a student a London College of Fashion, presented her MA Womenswear collection titled “DUPLICITOUS LIVES.” Rubens designs eco-conscious fashion with recycled materials and sustainable knits. Her latest collection explores the thought of women being shapeshifters, taking inspiration from the works of Cindy Sherman, Nadia Lee Cohen, and Juno Calypso—women who mask their identity to create new ones.

Stephanie Moscall-Varery, the designer behind MOSKAL and a student at London College of Fashion, presented her MA collection “Pit Brow, A Spatial Ghost.” The collection is inspired by the women that worked in the British mining industry in the 1900s. Stephanie worked in partnership with the National Coal Mining Museum for England to pay homage to the historic subject, and look towards the future of innovation. Throughout the collection is flexible charcoal composite made of active charcoal and natural binders, a direct influence from her inspiration.

View the gallery for a look at each designers collection, shown during London Fashion Week.