Raf Simons Presents His Debut Collection for Prada In Milan

When news broke about Miuccia Prada partnering with Raf Simons, people were surprised, excited, and intrigued to see how this synthesis would pan out for Prada. The long-awaited first collection debuted for Spring/Summer 2021 in Milan today, and it did not disappoint. The offering, which revelled in minimalism, showcased the two different viewpoints of the co-creative directors and established a unique dialogue through clothing that will continually build with each successive presentation. The looks in the collection were refined and focused on construction, using timeless couture techniques for a modern woman. The inspiration informing the garments explored the relationship between technology and humankind, and the dialogue that springs from that. To further complement this highly-anticipated introduction, the entire cast of models were walking their first runway show ever, with their names being announced in the soundtrack by musician Richie Hawtin. While brimming with new aesthetic propositions, the collection still has the quintessential Prada feel, reimagined. 

View the gallery for a look at the Prada Spring/Summer 2021 collection.