Pom Klementieff Shines in Cartier’s Le Voyage 58 Recommencé High Jewellery Collection

Le Voyage Recommencé (which loosely translates to “the trip starts again”) revisits and reimagines the key pillars that have shaped Cartier’s brand and style since its founding in 1847. The collection launched with more than 80 never-before-seen high jewellery pieces, and features an impressive assortment of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings.

“This collection is a great opportunity to delve into the essential themes of the Cartier style,” explains Jacqueline Karachi, the brand’s director of high jewellery creation. “To explore them in greater depth, take a fresh look at them, nurtured by the spirit of the time. Approaching them with a contemporary eye to go further. A journey back to the heart of Cartier creation, an 60 uninterrupted story being told over time.”

This particular journey started earlier this year in the garden of the Palazzo Corsini in Florence. The palace, which now houses works by renowned Italian painters like Fra Angelico and Caravaggio, served as the backdrop for the collection’s unveiling, which saw stars like Labrinth, Vanessa Kirby, Elle Fanning, Riley Keough, Adrien Brody, and Pom Klementieff in attendance.

“These are jewels that contain universes. I was fascinated to discover where the inspiration behind each piece came from, the story behind the stones, and the intricate process of creation and expert craftsmanship involved,” says Klementieff.

Cartier’s Le Voyage Recommencé high jewellery collection: photo courtesy of Cartier.

Consisting of five pieces—four necklaces and one ring—Le Voyage Recommencé was created to reflect Cartier’s most formidable and recognizable qualities. From the purity of lines, the balance of shapes and volumes, to the play of proportions, these pieces showcase Cartier’s savoir-faire and creative practices.

“This new collection revisits the pillars that have shaped Cartier’s style and takes us on a journey through their evolution, to prove they are not static but always finding new ways of interpretation,” explains Klementieff. “I think this is something any actor can relate to, in our own personal journey, of constantly changing but also remaining true to our essence.”

Take, for example, the show- stopping double-stacked Claustra necklace, which features a set of shield diamonds and a dazzling 4.02 carat diamond pendant at its centre. Its open-worked structure alternates onyx with diamonds, creating a striking visual through its contrast. And just as the Maison has transformed and evolved through the years, so too can this necklace, which creates an illusion of unity but can actually be separated and worn as two independent pieces.

“I find it exciting to think that these creations are unique pieces which will go down in history.”

– Pom Klementieff

“I truly enjoyed wearing the Claustra necklace. The architectural references and how
it plays with volume, light, and shadow with the diamonds and onyx combination. Combinations have been part of the Maison’s style for so long, yet the design felt very of-the-moment,” says Klementieff. “I find it exciting to think that these creations are unique pieces which will go down in history.”

Other pieces in the collection include the Ondule ring, which features an extremely rare 0.92-carat grey-violet centrepiece with half-moon diamonds creating a halo effect; the Sama necklace, made from 19.27 carats of Ceylon sapphires and which was crafted with computer-aided design to ensure the most precise cuts, thicknesses, and proportions; and the Panthère Givrée necklace, in which a panther appears to watch over a set of three aquamarines.

In addition to the unique pieces in the collection, Cartier also created two jewellery sets full of energy and colour to complete Le Voyage Recommencé. The Unda set showcases white gold and emerald gemstones, and consists of a necklace, bracelet, earrings, 4 and a ring. The Voltea set similarly features a necklace, earrings, and a ring, which are each created with rose gold, coral, onyx, and diamonds.

The pieces on display constitute the first phase in the brand’s expansive rollout. Cartier will continue its voyage throughout the year and the Maison has already unveiled Chapter 2, which features three new necklaces, a ring, and a brooch that Karachi says pushes “the boundaries of creation and discovers new horizons.”

Leaning on Cartier’s passion for global culture, their next chapter is more contemporary than ever and sources inspiration, colour, and construction from cultures around the world—from Europe to Asia and everywhere in between.